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Reset your body with Santa Teresa Thai Massage

More than a Massage. A Total Body Transformation Tailored for Surfer & Sport Lovers.

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Rejuvenate and Strengthen with Thai Massage

Whether you're a fervent surfer or an enthusiastic sport person, Thai massage offers a mix of techniques fused into one great holistic experience Thai massage isn't just a massage; it's the most complete bodywork you can experience. Stretching, deep tissue work, articulation & muscle manipulation and more in one treatment

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​Why is Thai massage the ultimate choice for those who embrace an active lifestyle?

At Santa Teresa Thai Massage, we specialize in Thai massages, specifically designed for Surfer and sport lovers. Thai massage is the best bodywork for surfers because it targets the exact areas that bear the brunt of the waves -  neck, shoulder, spine, and back. 

This not only results in a rapid recovery but also supports and improves your surfing techniques by enhancing joint mobility and muscle elasticity.

Santa Teresa Thai Massage isn’t just about physical relief. 

You don’t just get a massage. We offer a sanctuary where sport lovers can harmonize their body, mind, and soul. Every twist, press, and stretch is a step towards an enhanced you. 

Be it mastering the paddling, the take-off, or the cutback while surfing, or simply seeking a biological and spiritual reset, we have you covered.

A gift with
your massage

Take Advantage of this special gift before your Thai Massage session. A gua sha with every purchase!

Speaking with you makes us really understand your pain points, your needs and discover how Thai massages can help you. Our treatments are customized to your unique needs, so it’s important for us to know you better.
Are you ready to fall in love again with your body?


Ciao, I'm Gigi!

I am a certified Thai massage teacher and therapist, as well as a local guide, originally from Rome. I moved to Costa Rica three years ago to fulfill my dream. Shortly after relocating to Santa Teresa, I founded Santa Teresa Thai Massage. Since then, I've had the pleasure of welcoming clients from around the world, learning from each of them. I offer Thai massage treatments, workshops and retreats around the world.

Gigi is amazing—this was my first Thai massage and I can’t wait for the next. He explained everything in advance and made sure I was breathing properly during the massage. Even the parts that “hurt” felt good. It’s such a unique and powerful experience—you must go if you’re in Santa Teresa!

Are you ready to experience the difference? 

Book your free consultation today and take the first step towards a pain-free and renewed relationship with your body.

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