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Thai Massage Workshop

Learn the fundamentals of Thai massage in this exciting new workshop. Help your partner or friend alleviate tension, learn surf stretching techniques or simply learn a new form of bodywork.


"Thai massage” workshop

Thai massage is an ancient and powerful bodywork treatment. It combines deep compressions, muscle manipulation, acupressure, and passive yoga stretching. It is practiced on a mat on the floor because it enables the masseuse to use their body weight. 



We run our Workshops in different locations in Santa Teresa in partneship with local businesses. We are also glad to offer a Jungle Thai Massage Workshop. This workshop is run in the heart of the Costarican jungle with Ocean view and waterfall at just 25 min from Santa Teresa and 15 from Montezuma.

Why join the workshop?

- to learn this traditional and ancient therapy to alleviate tension 

- to experience a different day during your holiday and having a little taste of this awesome thai artform

- you and your surf buddy want to learn more efficient surf stretches and learn how to keep shoulders and lower back in shape during a surf trip

- you would like to help your loved one with their lower back or neck issue

- you practice yoga and enjoy learning stretching poses

- you always wanted to learn bodywork techniques


Any of this is a great reason to join the Thai massage workshop!


You will learn:

- to treat and stretch muscles and joints of specific areas of the body

- to efficiently use your weight and leverage to apply the wanted pressure and traction

- the correct posture during the treatment

- correct position of arms and hands 


The workshop will start at 9 am and ends at 1pm with some breaks. You can join the workshop with a partner (gf, bf, friend etc.) or you can join without a massage partner and you will be paired with someone who is looking for a massage partner like you.


This is a hands-on workshop, therefore be ready to be a Thai masseuse for the day!

Feel free to contact me for more information or to reserve your seats.

Drinks and refreshments are included.


Ciao from Santa Teresa Thai Massage


For more information please whatsapp me!

+39 351 960 4440

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