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Transformative Retreat

Salento is the perfect location for the retreat we have designed for you. Its slow life pace, its millenary traditions, its natural beauties will make you disconnect from your routine and will help you to connect with your body and mind. If you're seeking to reset your body and unleash its potentials this retreat is what you are looking for. Book your retreat today and join us in Apulia for an incredible transformative experience.




Meet Riccardo, a mobility and postural expert born and raised in Rome. He specializes in personal training that emphasizes flexibility, strength, and alignment, all through the use of body weight and mobility exercises. Among other accomplishments, Riccardo is the founder of Motus, a training system designed to rebalance an individual's psychophysical state. Motus focuses on holistic body care and integrates every element of one's lifestyle. Its goal is to help individuals rediscover their bodies and regain the vitality often compromised by daily life stresses.



I am a certified Thai massage teacher and therapist, as well as a local guide, originally from Rome. I moved to Costa Rica three years ago to fulfill my dream. Shortly after relocating to Santa Teresa, I founded Santa Teresa Thai Massage. Since then, I've had the pleasure of welcoming clients from around the world, learning from each of them.
The transformative retreat I offer is the result of my accumulated experiences and knowledge. This retreat is designed for those who want to improve their well-being without relying on painkillers or surgery, and for those who think back pain is a permanent part of their lives. It’s for anyone who still wants to enjoy their favorite sports, and for those who believe they are too old or it's too late to make a change.
If you want to unlock your body and mind's unlimited potential, we are here to help. This retreat is not a shortcut; it’s the beginning of a wonderful journey to reset your body and mind, and ultimately, your life.


Villa Spada is the perfect place to unwind and relax. This charming ancient villa has been transformed into a cozy bed and breakfast by owner Nieves and her family, who created a beautiful space. Just 5 minutes away from Lecce, it offers a peaceful retreat from the city's hustle and bustle. One of the highlights of this B&B is the fresh food served straight from the garden, providing guests with an authentic local experience.


What's included?

We're glad you asked!


Mobility Classes

Thai massage treatments

Two delicious meals a day

Cooking class

Beautiful accomodation

What's not included?

We've got you covered for most of the fun stuff, but just a heads up that flights, transportation, and any extra excursions or dinners outside of group dinners are not included in the package. So, bring your sense of adventure and your wallet for those extra goodies!

Get a taste of Italian simplicity! Reach out to book a spot.



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