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Transformative Retreat

This retreat isn't just a quick fix - it's designed to give you lasting effects. You'll leave with a set of knowledge and tools that'll keep you feeling limitless in your body, empowering you to embrace wellbeing in every aspect of your life. Starting with indulgent Thai massages and luxurious spa treatments like refreshing ice baths and serene sauna sessions. Challenge yourself with innovative exercises designed to enhance your mobility, posture and straight your core. Immerse yourself further in local experiences with farm-to-table cooking adventures, surfing classes and invigorating jungle treks. This holistic retreat promises rejuvenation for your body, mind, and spirit. 

It's all about balance



Adventure isn't just about adrenaline - it's also about exploring new things, meeting new people, and discovering new parts of yourself. Surfing, jungle hiking, fishing, horseback riding, cooking classes, networking and much more. These experiences are thought to make you disconnect from your daily life. To reset you need to disconnect first. Get out of your comfort zone and join us!



Immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the tranquility of our secluded location. With daily flow mobility classes, delicious organic meals, Thai bodywork and rejuvenating spa treatments, you will learn a new way to improve your wellbeing, you will feel refreshed, renewed and enriched of a new set of knowledge and tools to bring your wellbeing to the next level.

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What's included?

  • Charming accommodation in a jungle lodge 2 minutes from Playa Santa Teresa 
  • 5 Strength & sculpt classes
  • 1 Thai Massage
  • Breath work class
  • Surf or yoga class
  • Thai Massage workshop
  • Cooking class
  • Spa therapy (one Icebath & sauna treatment) 
  • Two nutritious and delicious meals prepared with fresh, local ingredients (breakfast and lunch) 
  • Access to Private Natural Reserve for hiking, birdwatching and swimming in the secret waterfall




I am a certified Thai massage teacher and therapist, as well as a local guide, originally from Rome. I moved to Costa Rica three years ago to fulfill my dream. Shortly after relocating to Santa Teresa, I founded Santa Teresa Thai Massage. Since then, I've had the pleasure of welcoming clients from around the world, learning from each of them. The transformative retreat I offer is the result of my accumulated experiences and knowledge. This retreat is designed for those who want to improve their well-being without relying on painkillers or surgery, and for those who think back pain is a permanent part of their lives. It’s for anyone who still wants to enjoy their favorite sports, and for those who believe they are too old or it's too late to make a change. If you want to unlock your body and mind's unlimited potential, we are here to help. This retreat is not a shortcut; it’s the beginning of a wonderful journey to reset your body and mind, and ultimately, your life.

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Tyler, a dedicated Pilates and yoga instructor based in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, is deeply passionate about fostering human connections and promoting holistic health. With a profound commitment to exploring the interconnected realms of mind, body, soul, and spirit. Tyler brings a natural fluidity to the practice that allows you to transcend your limits. As an experienced Pilates and Yoga teacher, Tyler's classes are thoughtfully designed to enhance core strength, flexability, and cultivate a heightened sense of mental and physical awareness. Join Tyler on a transformative journey towards holistic well-being and self-discovery.


The retreat is held is a hidden gem in the heart of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Nestled amidst lush jungle, this hotel is just a minute's walk the beach and offers a range of amenities including a gym, pool, sauna, and ice bath. 

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Garden House

A Garden House is the apartment at the ground floor (below the wooden house). It has one bedroom with a queen size bed and A.C., bathroom with hot water and fully equipped kitchen open to the living room. In the living room, there are two sofas that can be converted into two single beds or one double bed.
The house also has wifi, cable TV, safety box and a nice patio with a hammock. All our houses have daily cleaning service and access to our shared areas: swimming pool, reception with work space, gym/yoga deck and parking lot service.

Room with Shared Kitchen

A Standard Room is a private bedroom with a queen size bed, A.C, cable TV and a private bathroom with hot water. It also has a small porch, a minibar, coffee maker and a shared kitchen which is fully equipped.
All our houses have daily cleaning service and access to our shared areas: swimming pool, reception with work space, gym/yoga deck and parking lot service.